Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting rescued at a car wash

It was a sunny winter day, a good time, I thought, to wash our car.  I drove into a self-service car wash and tried to get so close to the post where I had to enter my proof of payment that I did not realize that I overshot the slot and ended outside it.  I looked over my difficult situation in the big rear view mirror provided by the car wash.  Another driver pulled up.  She got out of her car and started shouting at me.  She was in a hurry and I was slowing her down.  "Move your car now" she demanded.  I knew I had to move the car but I was not sure how to do it. 

Parked nearby were two airport limosines.  The drivers were having a coffee.  One man, a turbaned Sikh gentleman,  put his coffee away and came over and offered to help me in a soft voice that I could hardly hear over the woman's continued shouting.  He even assisted me out of the car because there was a post next to my door.   He got into the driver's seat, and with quiet confidence, put the car in reverse and steered it up and over the track so that the car could fit in for a car wash.  I was so grateful.  He brushed away my thanks and simply returned to his limo and his coffee .