Monday, April 9, 2012

My Passover Seder

We live in a small condo apartment downtown, not one that could accomodate a big family dinner for 22 people.  We decided the rent the party room for our Passover seder/family dinner.  To make it easier for me, I decided to cook some of the food and order the bulk of it from a kosher caterer.  I did not anticipate how challenging it would be to set up the room, get all my dishes, pots and pans and food there and then clean it up quickly for another rental the next day.

The staff in my condo building were very helpful, moving heavy furniture so that the tables and chairs could sit in the middle of the room, and moving it back again, allowing me to use the room over 3 days prior to the dinner to move all the dishes and cooked foods into the kitchen, and finally wishing me well as the hour approached. 

I know people have a job to do, but when each person does their job with kindness and consideration for the client, they spread joy and that joy is contagious.  It was a great seder!