Monday, May 27, 2013

Help for veteran on US Memorial Day

We are on a driving holiday in the American southwest and stopped for the afternoon at a Holiday Inn Express in Alamosa Colorado. This is a small town that serves a large ranch and farming community that surrounds it.  As we left our rental car, we saw 3 police cars and an older man leaning on an aluminum crutch, with a disheveled appearance wearing a cap with "Vietnam Vet" on the brim.  We checked in at the desk and asked about the man. She said she was hoping that the police would take him to a shelter. Someone had dropped him off at the hotel, and the Alamosa police refused to help, saying they were not a taxi service. The clerk phoned her husband and best friend who came over and took the veteran to a VA facility in the next town and let his family know where he is now.  The clerk said she could not understand why the police would abandon a man who needs help especially on Memorial Day.