Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taking time for someone else

My Blackberry phone did not work.  I could be heard by callers but I could not hear them.   That's another column.  On my landline, I called their help centre and worked with the patient woman to take apart the Blackberry and put it back together. In the end, she suspected that the problem was with the hardware.  Off I went to the Bell store where I waited for a while for a technician to help me.  (Some people don't read their manuals ever!)  The cell phone was sent away for service for 4-6 weeks or earlier if I was lucky.  I was told to wait for a phone call telling me it was back.  I actived my old Blackberry and after a week, I went to the Bell store to find out whether it would be returned to me sooner.  Fortunately, my repaired cell phone was on its way to the Bell store.  After the long weekend, I returned to the Bell store early one morning.  Alas the repair staff were not arriving until after 3:00 pm, but one staff person offered to look at the big plastic bag of packaged repaired  phones that were on the floor.  The bag was full.   It was quiet in the store and another staff person helped him.  They had to open every package in the bag.  My Blackberry was the last package in the bag.  I was lucky that these Bell staff took their time to do another absent person's job.  They put it together for me and off I went into the bright sunny day.

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