Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Going out of your way

My husband and I chose to take a cruise across the Atlantic from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Barcelona Spain.  Cruise ships move from Caribbean routes to Mediteranean routes each spring and we thought that seeing the Atlantic ocean from a ship would be relaxing.  The ocean was calm and the trip was uneventful until we reached Tenerife in the Canary Islands.  My husband tried to take a great picture from a somewhat precarious vantage point when we were were visiting a dormant volcano on Tenerife in the national park. He fell and broke his leg.  The ship's doctor stablized his leg and advised us to return home as soon as the boat docked in Barcelona.
He had to stay off his leg for the rest of the cruise.  They lent us a wheelchair so he could move about when necessary.  Some people saw the fresh cast and wanted to know the story for their own sake.  A few people went out of their way to help.  Our stateroom steward was one such person.  He kept asking us what more he could do to make the situation more comfortable.  The porter that helped us off the ship when we docked was another.  Usually, the porter hands off the traveller to the dock worker when someone needs help with their bags.  He not only help me with the bags too all the way to the taxi stand, but he also asked the taxi co-ordinator to get us a taxi asap to avoid the 200 person line-up.  When we arrived at the Barcelona airport, I had to find a wheelchair and left my husband at the curb with the bags.   The airport was crowded. 
A woman in an official looking vest passed by and on hearing my nervous Spanish, this woman replied in English, led me to the wheelchair booth at the other end of the terminal.  These folks at the booth told me that all the chairs were already booked.  This same woman who was working with a new tour group, came back to see how I was doing and took over to get me help from the airline.  My husband was really tired, managing on his own, on crutches, for too long when I finally returned with a wheelchair and a porter. 
We had to change planes in Porto Portugal.  Again, kind people stepped up to help.  I did not have a seat assignment for the next leg of the journey and I speak no Portuguese.  The receptionist who had been working since 6:00 am and was just getting off work at that point, offered to take me around to the right people to assure my husband a seat with lots of legroom.  I said to each of these people who went out of their way to help us, that I hope that when they may need help, that they too would be blessed by people just like them to help them. 
Bless all people who go out of their way for others!

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