Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Offering Directions

I was hurrying to the transit stop when a tall man carrying a huge briefcase walked past me even faster so that I noticed him.  How could he keep that pace carrying such a heavy weight I wondered.  Another man was stopped in his path, looking at a map with a puzzled expression.  The fast man stopped suddenly and offered help with directions to the confused man .  I slowed down.  Patiently the fast man pointed out street signs and pointed to their place on the map.  The puzzled man looked like he "got it" and continued in a different direction.  The fast man watched, then started off again at a quick pace.  I ran down the stairs just as my train was pulling out of the station.  I saw the fast man standing in the last car of the subway train and I was so glad that he made it even after stopping to be helpful.

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