Monday, March 9, 2015

A Bus-driver's Patience

Dark and early this morning, I took the Bathurst bus to my destination.  The extra-long bus was crowded with people on their way to work.  My exit door emptied onto a pile of ice-covered snow.  I hesitated to jump off because I was trying to locate a safe part of the ice-pile.  I was the only person disembarking and the bus driver was far from me.  But he waited patiently while I chose my spot, jumped on it, got my balance again and was safely on the sidewalk.  Then, he closed the door while I was walking beside the bus, and pulled into traffic.

I realized after he took off, that if he did not take care that I was on the sidewalk safely, I could have fallen under the rear wheels of the bus.  I was so thankful for the TTC bus driver's patient kindness.

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