Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Helpful Ryerson students on a rainy day

A group of six older women decided to lunch together after a class at Open University.  They hurried through the halls, crowded with younger students to exit the building.  At the double doorway near the exit, a student on the other side opened the door to let the older women through first.  A few straglers in the group hurried toward the door.  The student kept the door open for them too as the other students piled up behind her, waiting patiently to enter the door.
They entered a popular restaurant near a university.  There were only a few open tables.  As they wandered from one to the other looking for a suitable spot, the largest table was taken by a group of male students.  When the women turned to take that particular table, the students gave it over with a smile and took another table. 

"It's my grey hair" one women said to me.  "People are nicer to you when you are older."

Just outside the restaurant, a young student dug into her bag looking for her transit card before she entered the subway.  Her change splattered on the rainy sidewalk.  Another young student paused and bent down to help pick up the change, passed it to her and then both went on their way.

I think that many students at Ryerson University practice kindness with others.  It could be part of the University culture, I hope.

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