Monday, March 19, 2012

An unfortunate alligator affects the course of a holiday

The other evening, at a dinner party, I met a woman who just returned from Florida.  Her good friend is still there waiting for his car to be repaired.  They drove to Florida because this woman has fear of flying. As they were approaching their destination on a quiet two-land road, the driver was temporarily blinded by the brights of an approaching car and did not see an alligator that was crossing the road at the same time.  "It was like going over a big speed bump" she said, but the engine light came on and the car broke down a few miles after this encounter.  The Canadian insurance company was reluctant to fix the car.  After a week of back and forthing, and renting another car, the woman had to return to work.  Her friend drove her all the way home and then drove all the way back to Florida to pick up his "finally" repaired car.  I think this man deserves special recognition for kindness.  If I were goning design a medal, it would have to include the unfortuate alligator.

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