Friday, August 3, 2012

Generosity of Spirit

I do invite others to share their own stories of unexpected kindness.  Today, I am sharing a friend's story:

This morning I took a taxi to the Y because the Queen streetcar is sporatic at the moment. I got in the cab and noticed that the driver had some lovely music playing. Ended up it was chanting. He turned off the music when I got in, but I told him to keep it on if he wanted. So, he turned it back on. It was a recording, very beautifully done I might add!, of the text of the Koran. Each small verse was sung and then a reader came on (Oxford Englishy accent) and translated the text in English. The chanter reminded me of a cantor or of a cathedral choir chanter. Good chanting is just good stuff(;  So we drove from the Beaches to the Y with this on. I sat in the dark and enjoyed it while I could. It was a significantly peaceful ride. When we arrived at the Y I asked if we were listening to the radio or a CD. He immediately pulled out a CD from the dashboard and offered it to me. He insisted that I take it with me because I liked it so much and said he could get another. So now I have a cool CD of the Koran with translation.

But what struck me most was the happy smile on the guy's face as he gave it to me. The whole episode was just so unexpected - and delightful.

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