Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just a regular at Union Station

We are finally going to take the Polar Bear Express to Moose Factory this summer.  I would love to see northern Ontario.  In order to reach that train, I had to buy tickets on the Ontario Northland train to Cochrane.  I confidently took the subway to Union Station and then was not sure where to go next.  An older gentleman was chatting with the TTC ticket taker so I waited my turn to ask where to go next.  The older gentleman stepped aside so that I could talk to the ticket taker.  When he heard my question, he told me that he was going that way and would lead me to the right wicket. I folllowed him into the crowded train station all the way to the empty Ontario Northland wicket.  The helpful gentleman assured me that the clerk was on a 20 minute coffee break.  We had just missed her.  He invited me to sit down while he saved my place in the inevitable line-up which would develop.  I pulled out my cell phone to return some calls and looked up and there he was at the front of the line, and there was the Ontario Northland clerk, just back from her break.  When I came up to thank him, he turned and left me to buy my train tickets.  I asked the clerk who the helpful gentleman was and her reply: "just a regular". 

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