Thursday, May 21, 2015

Packing light

My sister and my friends offered the same good advice for this trip: "pack light".  So here I am in Jerusalem with one pair of shoes, my comfortable sandals. As I put them on today, I noticed loose stitches. We went looking for a shoemaker who could repair them while I wait. While I sat there, I watched his many customers come and go. What a patient guy!  One woman insisted he could fix her torn canvas loafers even though he told her that he only works in leather. Another woman wanted to discuss some community issue which involved his buying a ticket at once. An old man asked him to put another hole in his belt because he is thinner. The shoemaker joked with him, advised the man to eat with gusto so he would not need more holes. He turned to me suggesting I fix the Velcro straps too.  He did the repairs by hand without a machine so he could have better control. And all the while, others demanded his attention while he patiently fixed my shoes.

It's only 23' today and a pleasure to walk around in my good as new shoes. We caught a bus to The Israel Museum again so we could catch some of the exhibits we missed yesterday.

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