Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The good fortune of having a great teacher

Several years ago I took summer courses at the University of Toronto to improve my Hebrew. The teachers were faculty from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Their style of teaching was imaginative and student focused. They taught us well. I feel that a good teacher is a lifetime gift.

Before I left Toronto, I contacted them in case they might be available for a visit. One teacher met us at our hotel. We went shopping for food for the visit. The photo that I posted to FB today was taken at     the amazing outside market in downtown Jerusalem. We bought beautiful cheese and fruit and nuts etc for the visit.

 It is very hot today in Jerusalem. She took a tram and a bus and a walk to get here. I was so moved by her kind gesture to meet me.  She retired a few months ago.  She is studying the many cultures of her former students and travelling to other countries to see for herself.  Those students had impressed her so much.

My other teacher visited with us along with her husband. They drove here from their home in another town.  We went for dinner in a local outdoor restaurant. I learned about her current assignment. She wrote a new textbook for her students because the text that was available was inappropriate for their needs.

It was a good day.

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