Monday, January 10, 2011

Words and Power #2

A different group of women were talking about self-image today.  One slender woman is on a new year diet.  Each woman in turn spoke about how negative she feels about her appearance in the mirror.  I am not sure whether women alone are plagued by doubts about their appearance.  Each woman appeared fit and healthy, but seemingly unaware of what a blessing she had.

When a person puts herself down, she is using words to self-attack.  If you are never good enough for yourself, why should anyone else accept you as you are?  On the other hand, if you learn to like yourself and be kind to yourself just the way you are, other people will also feel comfortable in your presence.  Another important benefit is that you learn to accept other people just the way they present themselves too. 

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  1. A brilliant observation Mom!

    I assure you, it is not just women who suffer this affliction. It is a sociological function established over perhaps thousands of generations. After all, if everyone felt wonderful about themselves, who would protect the minute segment of our population which uses and abuses the rest for their benefit and gain?

    I am a magnificent man!! And I have numerous appearance and character weaknesses. They give me perspective and help me triumph. My strengths are based upon them.

    It is interesting, this awareness has provided me with an insatiable appetite for giving. And I only do it to gratify myself; another character weakness. :-o